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Successful You!

Academic Coaching

Discover how your brain works best and how to position your strengths to be successful.

Academic Coaching utilizes expert teaching strategies and learning processes.  You will learn how to advocate for yourself, organize information, estimate and manage time, follow-through on tasks, and use your personal strengths to meet your academic challenges. Becoming resourceful and confident are the end goals so that you can approach any obstacle and find success.


“Thank You for all your support! What a difference this has made for me. I was doing very poorly last semester and now this semester I have As & Bs! Thanks so much!!!


College Student

"I hope you are doing well.  We wanted to send you a graduation announcement considering you had just as much to do with me graduating as the rest of us."

High School Senior

"Thank you for helping me. You showed me how to finally do well at school."


High School Freshman



“Thank You for helping me to get on track...what a difference it has made”


High School Junior

"I was very scared about taking these classes this semester, but you were amazing and I learned so much that I didn't even think I could do."

College Junior

"You totally helped me learn how to connect the dots in my learning. My grades have improved soooo much...THANK YOU!


College Sophmore