Choose Your Coaching Plan


$85 for 1.5hrs

Are you feeling overwhelmed and need a plan to manage the work?

Let us help you manage your stress by walking you through an organizing process that works best for your brain.

Call anytime as needed.

Elaine Francel Ed.D


$250 per month

  • We will meet at the beginning of each week to create a time plan. You will know what you need to do each day and at what time. This helps to balance the demands of your academic, work and personal life.

  • You will learn how your brain processes information best. know where to look for information, learn how your brain works

Elaine Francel Ed.D


$400 month

  • We will partner with you to develop a weekly plan

  • Connect via text, call, video conference several times during the week to evaluate the execution of the plan and determine if changes are needed

  • Counsel you on learning strategies and life balance methods

  • Reflect on how your brain works and determine how to capitalize on your strengths to 

Elaine Francel Ed.D